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Athlete Testimonials

"I expected the program to make me stronger and that I would gain some skills, but I never expected to love training this hard, this much. You will never be more fit in your life"
- Emerging Elites 2010 athlete

“I love that this program incorporates everything you need to be on the path to becoming a successful runner in the fall, whether it be core work, health and nutrition, or speed, Emerging Elites combines it all very well.”
- Emerging Elites 2010 athlete

“Emerging Elites is an environment that...introduces you to a world of dedication, hard work, goals and payoff.”
- Emerging Elites 2010 athlete

"After doing this program for several years, I know that Emerging Elites is the absolute best way to guarantee that our running times will be lowered.”  
-Emerging Elites athlete, response from 2008 Summer Program survey

"Emerging Elites has drasticaly improved my running abilities and overall strength. It has completely changed me as an athlete and done so in a way that is not overwhelming or intimidating"
- Emerging Elites 2010 Summer Program athlete

“Coach Fred Treseler helped me grow not just as a runner, but also as a person. His commitment to his athletes is exceptional and inspired me to reach higher and higher goals. I would not be the runner I am if it were not for the camaraderie of the program and Fred's guidance.”
- Emerging Elites athlete and NCAA Division I athlete

"A great one-on-one program that addresses individuals' needs in a comprehensive and informational way."
- Emerging Elites 2010 athlete

"I love how the program is a combination of individual attention and group work. The training was challenging yet rewarding."
- Emerging Elites athlete, response from 2007 Summer Program survey

"Emerging Elites is a challenging, yet rewarding program that prepares runners for their seasons through a combination of high-intensity practices & specifically designed programs."
- Emerging Elites athlete, response from 2008 Summer Program survey

"I was a bit skeptical about improving my cross country time by 61 seconds... but then I improved by 1 minute 40 seconds."
- Emerging Elites 2008 Summer Program athlete


Parent Testimonials

“Fred and other coaches really care about the individual athletes and do whatever is necessary to address individual needs as an athlete.”
- Taro Fujimori, parent of Emerging Elites 3 time EIL champion Sam Fujimori

“Everything that my daughter has done with this program has been beneficial as she has had no formal training prior to this. For Sarah, to be able to run and develop with these athletes is invaluable. She has kept motivated and has had a lot of fun.”
- Parent of Emerging Elites athlete Sarah Kieran

“The coach-athlete relationship in EE is a unique and a special one. All of the coaches take the time to know and support each athlete, and as a result they are able to provide feedback that is specific to the needs of that person. We have observed many different personalities among the EE athletes, and we are impressed by how well the coaches relate to each one. By cultivating an atmosphere of trust, respect and support, the coaches have created an environment in which all athletes can succeed.”
- Dennis & Kim Wright, parents of Emerging Elites athlete George Wright

“This program and all of its coaches have been a huge contributing factor in getting my son to the level of competition he is at and helping him to get into college, and has helped my daughters self-esteem even though she doesn’t know that yet.”
- Joe & Wendy Moules, parents of Emerging Elites athletes Cally & Tyler Moules

"If you are looking for a program that will put your child's overall well-being and growth first, look no further than Coach Treseler. With humor and respect for each individual athlete, he guides the student/runner to attain personal bests... The coaches at Emerging Elites care deeply for these athletes, and in no way is it limited to running. These student-athletes are supported, respected, and nurtured in all aspects of their lives. As parents, we are profoundly grateful."
- Margie Gibbons, parent of Emerging Elites athlete Will Gibbons

"A well-organized program which provided my daughter with a sound understanding and basis to become a good cross country runner. Very impressed with the scope of program - addressing diet, etc. - foundation of program - training techniques in scope to enhance all aspects of athletic performance."
- Jim Barry, parent of Emerging Elites athlete Riley Barry

"Camille and I find that Fred's coaching and communication with her to be invaluable; she would never have succeeded this much this year without Fred and everyone else."
- Patti Murphy, parent of Emerging Elites athlete Camille Murphy





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