College Counseling

The Emerging Elites College Counseling Program guides student-athletes and their parents through a structured college search, recruitment and application process.

Working with the student-athlete, his/her parents, high school coaches and advisors, the Emerging Elites College Counseling Program presents a unified package to college coaches and admissions officers. This structured approach empowers the Emerging Elites athletes to attain the right combination of academic offerings and athletic opportunities for a successful and balanced college experience.

The long-term developmental approach of the Emerging Elites training philosophy parallels the mission of the EECCP: find the program and coach to best foster development in college and beyond. Emerging Elites athletes enrolled in the College Counseling Program are fully supported by the coaches and office staff during the entire college recruitment process.

Whether you aspire to run in NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, Ivy League, ACC, Big East, NESCAC or any other conference, the Emerging Elites College Counseling Program helps student-athletes navigate the recruitment landscape.

The College Process

The Emerging Elites College Counseling Program begins during the spring semester of sophomore year and continues into fall of freshman year at their new school, typically about 27 months in length. The consistent direction and clear communication of the Emerging Elites College Counseling Program streamlines and reduces the anxiety of the long college search and recruitment process. Getting a jumpstart on the college process allows the Emerging Elites athletes to gain a better understanding of their college options.


Many academic and athletic factors impact the college recruiting process, but the athletic conversation begins with an honest assessment of an athlete's background, performance and potential. Not all Emerging Elites athletes have the same traditional backgrounds and performances that enable them to be recruited athletes, but that does not preclude them from the college recruitment process. The College Counseling Program aims to maximize the recruitment opportunities for each athlete enrolled in the program.


Key Factors of the Recruitment & Admission Process

• Application & Essays
• SAT, ACT, AP, etc.
• Grades on Transcript
• Class Rank
• Recommendations
• Honors, Awards, etc.
• Background
• Performances
• Potential
• Recommendations
• Honors, Awards, etc.
• Genetics
• Extra-curriculars
• Volunteer
• Legacy


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