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Race Spotwatch, TRACS, TRACS Inc., Spotters Network, WBZ, WBZ-TV, CBS-4, Framingham High School, Boston Marathon, 115th Boston, Marathon, 2011 Boston Marathon, mile markerRace SpotWatch, a division of TRACS, Inc. created by Fred Treseler and Tim Kilduff, has provided moment-to-moment live marathon coverage since 1985.

In order to differentiate its Boston Marathon coverage from its competitors, WBZ-TV4, formerly CBS-TV4, hired Race SpotWatch. Since its inception, Race SpotWatch has improved live television coverage of more than 50 races, including:

   •   27 Boston Marathons
   •   12 New York City Marathons,
   •   7 Pittsburgh Marathons, the
   •   The 1988 U.S. Olympic Trials
   •   The Goodwill Games




Fred Treseler

Fred founded TRACS, Inc. in 1983 to combine his passions for athletics and sports marketing. After decades of professional coaching and teaching experience, Fred employed both business sense and industry contacts to found the Chestnut Hill-based sports marketing and event management firm. Even with a staff of 10 – 15 part and full-time employees, Fred personally works with every client and keeps his hands in every project.

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  • Built external relationships with key luminaries that connected the organization with all facets of the running world, which included: USATF, RRCA, NYRRC, Race Directors, Television, Athletes, and Coaches.
  • Leader of creation and execution of integrated grassroots marketing plans that built positive brand awareness and greater community awareness/ involvement.
  • Spearheaded Discovery USA initiative, including market research, innovative promotions, investment opportunities, market competitiveness, contract negotiations, retail tie-ins and project leadership.
  • Skilled in running marketing, strategic planning, budget administration and brand management; well versed in market analysis and consumer interpretation.
  • Utilizing an extensive 36-year coaching background enhances ability to identify emerging talent in the early development stages. Effectively coached and mentored athletes and staff at all levels of the sport.
  • Skilled in initiating and managing highly visible and successful programs e.g. High School Girls' Program at Dedham High School, Women's Program at Boston College, Discovery USA, Boston Running Club, etc.

John Hancock, Boston, MA (1988 – 2010)
Director of Elite Athlete Hospitality Services,
Administrator of Running & Fitness Clinic Program

Responsibilities included: Organizing an Olympic-styled "village" for the elite runners who compete in the Boston Marathon.  Accommodating about forty international athletes, their coaches and agents for the week before and after the Marathon, including all press contact, air travel, ground transportation, meals and housing, training and race day needs.

As the administrator of John Hancock's national Running & Fitness Program, Treseler has conducted clinics about running, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle with elite athletes to over 74,000 schoolchildren in 31 states.

Achievements: In twenty years of hosting the elite runners who compete in the Boston Marathon, maintaining the highest possible levels of safety, comfort, and hospitality for an increasingly talented, cosmopolitan field.

Creating brand recognition in media coverage of the John Hancock Village and the John Hancock Running and Fitness Clinic Program, effectively linking the company's name with a genuine investment in health awareness and athletic achievement.

Ali's Challenge, Jamestown, RI (2001 – 2005)
Director of Clinic Program and Annual Race
Responsibilities included: Organizing and managing a clinic program for Rhode Island middle schools that highlights the importance of staying fit and making healthy choices.  Securing corporate sponsorship for this event, conducting all the in-school workshops, promoting media coverage, and conducting a full-scale road race at the end of the program for all participants and local runners.
Achievements: Ali's Challenge was recognized in 2004 by the Rhode Island Departments of Education and Health for its innovation and effectiveness.  Since its inception two years ago, the program has reached over four thousand adolescents and has received prodigious coverage by regional newspapers, magazines, and television stations; indeed, in 2003 and 2004, over thee million impressions of the program appeared in mainstream print media in Rhode Island communities. 

FILA USA , Biella, Italy (1998 – 2001)
Director Running North America Sports Marketing

Responsibilities included: Creating and implementing strategy for running marketing, budget management, identifying, negotiating and securing sports marketing properties consistent with marketing strategy and sales initiatives. Organizing athlete logistics in connection with national championships and Olympic Games. Identified opportunities for FILA Global to leverage global running assets cost effectively in US market.

Achievements: Co-directing the launch of FILA performance running in the US market, launching and executing the management of Discovery USA, initiating and organizing the highly successful Discovery Kenya Media trips that brought top American journalists to Kenya for the first time; creating and managing the FILA Boston Training camp, connecting sports marketing assets with key retailers e.g. DUSA and Road Runner Sports.         

  • Managed all US promotional activities including: events athletes, clubs, etc.
  • Leveraged all marketing and sports marketing assets in order to increase company sales, profits, market share and corporate image.
  • Managed sports marketing budget, building and maintaining program’s impact with reduced allocations.

Reebok International, Ltd., Stoughton, MA    (1985 – 1995)
International Running Sports Marketing Consultant

Responsibilities included: Identifying and evaluating both current and potential sports marketing assets including individual Athletes, Clubs, Collegiate Teams, and Regional/National and International events. Facilitating product feedback from athletes to designers and developers. Onsite support at World Championships and Olympic Games.

Achievements: Identifying and recruiting athletes who became Boston Marathon Champions and/or Olympians while they were still in the early stages of their development e.g. Olga Markova, Amy Rudolph (in middle school), Richard Nerurkar.

  • Involvement with US footwear and apparel product building through strategizing and execution with various functions: design, development and product marketing.
  • Collaborated with Global Athletics Director on brand initiatives, including market research, innovative promotions, investment opportunities, market competitiveness and contract negotiations.

New Balance, Boston, MA (1983 – 1985)

Responsibilities included: Coaching a top male athlete; assisting in identifying and recruiting athletes; initiating the company's first involvement in Track and Field aimed at developing a presence at the 1984 US Olympic Trials and Olympic Games. Working with key retailers attending the Olympic Games as guests of New Balance to enhance their Olympic experience.

Achievements: Established an "on the track" presence at the Olympic Trials and Games; identified and recruited athletes who won medals in 1984 Olympic Games; coached top New Balance male athlete to a number #1 world ranking at 10k in 1985, and to American records and Olympic Finals in 1988.

  • Expertise in sports technique and physiology enabled skilled recognition for athletic potential.

Timothy W. Kilduff

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Tim KilduffThe following represents a 20+ year relationship with what is arguably the greatest Marathon in the world. Involvement included a leadership position when the event’s continuation was in jeopardy. After the event was stabilized, participation continued in a number of creative ways including, broadcasting, fundraising, and non-profit development with each effort enhancing the Boston Marathon.
Chairman of the Hopkinton Marathon Committee, 1980 – 82
Appointed to the Town of Hopkinton’s first committee and served as Chair from 1980 – 82. The purpose of the committee was to work with organizers of the Boston Marathon and to “protect” the interests of Hopkinton.

Boston Athletic Association, 1982 – Present
Nominated for membership in the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) the non-profit organization that has produced the Boston Marathon since 1897. Served on the Board of Governors from 1982 – 84.

Boston Marathon, 1983 – 84
Served as Chair (Race Director) of the BAA Boston Marathon Committee in 1983 and 84 for this international event. Duties included race management, media relations, sponsorship development, community outreach, and volunteer support.

Runner’s World Magazine, 1983
Named to Runner’s World All-Star Team made up of people who made a substantial contribution to the sport of running. The magazine has a circulation of 500,000 plus.

The Adaptive Environments Center, 1986
Awarded a Best of Accessible Boston Citation for making the Boston Marathon accessible to wheelchair racers.

Race SpotWatch, 1986 – Present
Created with Fred Treseler and continue to manage a consulting Boston Marathon race director Tim Kilduff (left) overseeing the Boston Marathon finish line with sportscaster Bob Lobel (right).practice providing local and national media outlets with hands on support for their broadcasts of marathons. Race SpotWatch has worked the TV coverage of over 40 marathons.

One successful technique pioneered by Race SpotWatch is a “spotters network” which places volunteers, trained by Race SpotWatch, at mile markers along the course. The spotters become the “eyes and ears” delivering accurate and timely information to the on-air talent.

Race director Tim Kilduff (left) overseeing the Boston
Marathon finish line with sportscaster Bob Lobel (right).

Hopkinton Athletic Association
Founded a non-profit organization to raise funds to improve athletic and recreational programs and facilities in the Town of Hopkinton. Negotiated a unique licensing agreement with the BAA, which was the basis of a fund raising effort in conjunction with the BAA’s 100th Marathon that generated over $300,000.

Boston Globe Top 100, 1998
As part of the Boston Marathon’s 100th Anniversary was named as one of the events most influential contributors.

CBS 4 TV, 1987 – Present
Since 1987 part of CBS 4 TV’s live Boston Marathon coverage, providing on-air reports of the men’s race from the on course lead vehicle.

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 2000 – 01
Member of the SportSmarts Advisory Committee that helped launch “Testing the Limits”, an initiative to teach science through sports. The first of a kind programming used the backdrop of the Boston Marathon to air science vignettes on television prior to and during the Boston Marathon. CBS4 TV earned an Associated Press Award for this programming.

Sister City Initiative with Marathon, Greece, 2004
Appointed by the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen to establish a Sister City relationship between Marathon, Greece and Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Hopkinton Athletic Association Revitalization, 2005
At the request of several Hopkinton political and business leaders asked to re-vitalize, re-structure and re-energize this non-profit organization for the purpose of regaining its fund raising potential. Effort includes recruiting a new board of directors, creating a business plan, and re-negotiating an updated license agreement with the BAA.

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