The Spotters’ Network

A key component of Race SpotWatch, The Spotters’ Network comprises a team of volunteers trained by Race SpotWatch to track the progress of elite athletes throughout a race. The Spotters’ Network creates a highly effective system that provides competitive race coverage with accuracy and speed.

Race Spotwatch, Boston Marathon, WBZ, CBS, TRACS, Fred Treseler, Tim KilduffThe network utilizes a diverse and well-trained crew on the course and in the studio who communicate the progress of the runners to a wide range of personnel at the media station including on-air talent, directors, producers and graphics staff. A team of “spotters” stationed at each mile-marker monitors and reports each runner’s progress to the Race SpotWatch/media studio. The studio team marks the time and relays it quickly and accurately to the news station that, in turn, announces and displays the runners’ progress on television just seconds after they have passed the mile marker. The trained teams of community volunteers that comprise the Spotters’ Network are the “eyes and ears” of the race, providing the best live television coverage available.

The Boston Marathon Spotters’ Network

In 2005, WBZ-TV4 boasted the #1 television coverage for the Boston Marathon, thanks in part to the dedication and support of Race SpotWatch, The Spotters’ Network and their volunteers. …find out more

Why Choose The Spotters’ Network?

In the past, live marathon coverage has lacked accuracy and timeliness. Fromnetworks missing important lead changes to television anchors working without Fred Treseler, Jackie Connally, Tim KIlduff, Lisa Hughes, Steve Burton, Race Spotwatch, Spotters Network, WBZ, TRACS, Boston Marathon, 2011 Boston Marathon, Boston, 115th Boston Marathon, Spotters Networkcrucial information, previous systems left much to be desired.

Television stations such as WBZ-TV4 have implemented the Spotters' Network as the first system that ensures to-the-minute updates for millions of home viewers.




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