About Us

Tracs is a strategic sports marketing firm committed to creating healthy lifestyle experiences — both locally and around the world — that provide a meaningful connection between individuals, organizations, and health.

a selection of locations on a global map where Tracs has put on events. From the east and west coasts of North America, to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and Austraila

For over 30 years, we've been challenging ourselves to design, build, and manage exceptional branded engagements that remain true to our partners, the sport, and the environment while consistently delivering results for everyone involved.

Love What You Do

Whether it's designing the perfect plan to make the impossible happen, making a timely introduction, or helping someone get to the starting line on time, a passion for what we do is what truly sets us apart.

And to help us to accomplish those things, we rely on a few guiding principles:

Be True

We strive to assure that a feeling of authenticity permeates everything that we do. Be true to your partners, true to the sport, true to the environment, and true to yourself.

Start with a Game Plan

A strong strategy always begins with listening — with thoroughly understanding the details of the task and the needs of those involved. Once a goal has been established, set a path to an incredible outcome by leveraging knowledge and experience and by making every decision a crucial one.

Make the Connection

In every challenge there lies an opportunity. Approach each assignment creatively, always looking for new possibilities and the chance to forge the relationships that make a difference.

Every Detail Matters

No matter the arena, when your aim is to be the best, every single detail is important. Ensure that all aspects of our services are meticulously planned and implemented to produce the best possible result.

Meet the Tracs Team